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The “baratunkafold.hu” means “Our Friend the Earth” is copyrighted, trademarked brand name of unique designed eco-friendly ecobags. Moreover this kind of a motto, attitude, perspective and culture that represents a missing element of everyday life. Every living being is a heartbeat of our planet, carried on and on every single day. Our job is to feel grateful for this tiresome work. Being environmentally conscious should be the goal of all of us on an everyday basis.

The aim of our company is to help create a more liveable environment by carrying our colorful and fashionable messages. Our environment-friendly shopping bags substitute old-fashioned plastic bags. Each year we get an average of 500 plastic bags, like it or not. By using plastic bags (contaminating wrappers) we are polluting our rivers, lakes and all of nature while endangering our and more importantly, our children’ future.

These „green” bags are not only environment-friendly, but extremely durable. Thanks to the strengthened handles and the lengthened seam the bags are capable of carrying even twice as much as traditional plastic bags. They exist in various styles, forms and colors, providing our customers with a useful item and a feeling of fashion. Earth, Our Friend Foundation supports kindergartens, schools and institutions by erecting animal figure rubbish cans, setting an example to and teaching children from a very young age how to save the planet.

Let’s take care of our fragile world. Let’s make friends with nature!

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Our Team

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Gergely Arvai - director of sales - international affair

The creator of the baratunkafold.hu style and "life-environment-feeling". The man who fueling all the friendly partnerships with our customers and as an environment safety engineer helps us to keep the professional reputation of the company.
Email: arvai@baratunkafold.hu
Mobil: +36 20 929 20 30

team 1

Katalin Árvainé Darvay - Chief executive officer

As a professional photographist and as a creative coach she is live up for a leadership of the company. Her lifestyle, unique eradiation and winsome appearance have achieved the company’s reputation in domestic and international market.
Email: baratunkafold@gmail.com
team 1

Zsanett Vad - Leader of the sales team

The leader of the sales team, the perfect match woman of the problem-solving and short-term orders. With her kindness and endless helpfulness she became the best colleague of the company.
Email: okotaskak@gmail.com
Mobil: 06 30 505 02 04
team 1

Tallósy Kornél - Relationship manager of Austria and Croatia

Endless work-aholic days and fantastic ideas of him helps to our partner to find the best solutions of them. Thanks for his flawless work our unique premium eco-bags spread in these countries.
Email: ktalosi@gmail.com
Mobil: +43 699 1929 1664
team 1

Zlatan Dulic - Relationship manager of Austria and Bosnia

His great ideas and professional business thinking of him helps to our partners get the best services. Thanks for his flawless work our unique premium eco-bags spread in these countries.
Email: zlatan.dulic@gmx.net
Mobil: +43 699 1721 9970
team 1

Ing. Jozef Palka - Exclusive distributor of Slovakia and Czech Republic

Ing. Jozef Palka is the sales director of Plastik Slovakia s.r.o. and the Exclusive Distributor of the Baratunkafold.hu Ltd. We made an aggrement to co-operate and spread the green-line ecobags in Slovakia and Czech Republic. This is our mission together to give a voice of the ecobags in these countries.
Email: jozef.palka@plasticslovakia.sk
Telefon: 00421 (0) 2 534 179 19
team 1

Andrea Covic - Ekskluzivni Agent Tvornice

Andrea is the Exclusive Factory Agent of the Headquarter of Croatia and she represents the English Line Ecobags all over the country with her fantastic attitude and unique personality.
Email: premiumecotorbe@gmail.com
Mobil: 091 973 71 11

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Our foundation

The objective of the “baratunkafold.hu” – “Earth is Our Friend” Foundation is to make environment protection and environmental consciousness an every day act. We sell environment-friendly shopping bags, sent to the planet as fragile sailing boats on the vast oceans of Earth. By using our bags, you get one step closer to saving Earth, our country and our environment while painting a beautiful, cleaner picture of our future. These bags are all produced of environment-friendly material, they are colorful, fashionable and nonetheless, affordable.

Let’s pay more attention to our environment in the future. Let’s reduce the number of plastic bags together!

Earth, Our Friend is supporting kindergartens, schools and other institutions with animal-shaped selective rubbish bins, setting an example to and teaching children from a very young age how to save nature.

We welcome support from institutions, companies and individuals who care about the protection of our environment. We work on gathering a wider audience to our cause with our „colorful” messages and our animal statues – which are recycle bins itselves -, and on creating a cleaner and healthier breath on this planet.

Let’s change our own perspective and the perspective of others.

Let’s be friends with nature! Let’s make our lives more colorful and livable.


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Those who have trust in us.

We would like to thank our partners and everyone using our “baratunkafold.hu” eco-bags for their perspectives and attitudes while supporting our cause.

You can find our bags at our partners or you can contact us on baratunkafold@gmail.com . Please see our availibility.

Contact us to receive information on retail promotions. Contact with the director of sales – Mr.Gergely Arvai – directly on baratunkafold@gmail.com

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