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Product name: 

Levander ecobag – Copyrighted design

Product material: 100% Recycled PP – eco-friendly ecobag
Measurement: 28cm height × 24cm width × 18cm gusset/bottom
Handles: Black and White 40 cm long PP webbing
Imprint option: We can design any requests using the raw background
Capacity: 10-12 kgs
Wholesaler price: Please send your request or logo to make the best offer!
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This is a copyrighted design of the Baratunkafold.hu Ltd. The ecobag is made of 100% recycled PP material, which is an environment safe and green materail ususally made from waste. We designed this ecobag to make you trendy and happy. This Coffee ecobag is not only AN ecobag is THE ecobag which is ONE drop in the environment-conscious ocean and anybody who uses, paints a green heart into the EARTH’s chest.