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Product name: 

Six Packer ecobag – Green colored design

Product material: 100% Recycled eco-textile – eco-friendly ecobag
Measurement: 28cm height × 24cm width × 18cm gusset/bottom
Handles: Eco textile green handles 30 cm long
Imprint option: We can design any requests using the raw background
Capacity: 10-12 kgs
Wholesaler price: Please send your request or logo to make the best offer!








We offer you this unique and matchless EARTHFRIEND ecobag with love, piece and smile which has a special option inside. You could separately put 1 to 6 pieces of not more than 1,5 litre bottle next to each other without any connection. If you don’t want to carry any bottles you can easily fold each inside cells to the side of the ecobag and you can carry any other things.

This is a copyrighted design of the Ltd. The ecobag is made of 100% recycled PP material, which is an environment safe and green materail ususally made from waste. We designed this ecobag to make you trendy and happy. We would like to fuel your eco-friendly attitude with our ecobags. Our EARTHFRIEND® ecobag is not only a simple ecobag, but this is THE ecobag which is ONE unique drop in the environment-conscious ocean. Anybody who uses with love, paints a small green butterfly onto the EARTH’s chest.






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